Urban Agriculture

“People in Portland really want to have a relationship with the food they eat.
Part of the wonderful thing about farmers markets is they are places where people can find out exactly where their food comes from,
how it was grown, how it comes to market, and how to prepare it.”
Anna Curtin, Portland Farmers Markets

Farmers Market

PSU Farmers Market

____ Portland is one of the best cities to grow plants like tomatoes. It’s a great place to have animals like chickens. Portland has great weather most of the time.
____ Portland is a good place to farm. There is lots of space, sun and lots of nice rain, so plants can grow very nicely! Robert Litt from the Urban Farm Store said “I think Portland is a beautiful place that has lots of pretty trees and plants, big mountains, nice farms and good places to eat.”
____ People have gardens in their yards and you can own a field pretty much anywhere! People shop at places like the Urban Farm Store all year because there is such a long growing season. You are allowed to have lots of animals like chickens, ducks and goats in your yard! “I think that Portland is a great city to live in, as well as to visit,” said Sara Cogan, a farmers at Zenger Farm.
____ People learn how to take care of animals and grow plants because those are things people love to do! Farm stores are awesome. “Portland is very supportive of small businesses and loves to garden and keep chickens” said Robert Litt, the owner of the Urban Farm Store.
____ So, you should come to Portland if you love to garden and raise animals. You will have a lot of fun!       –Sydney F.

farm store

Urban Farm Store

____ Portland has the best farmers markets because they sell fresh fruit and vegetables. The farmers markets have fresh produce like: apples, pears, carrots, watermelon, peaches, plums and lots more.
____ Zenger Farm is a farm where you can buy fruit and vegetables. “One of the great things about farming in Portland, is that people who live in Portland love to eat good food,” said Sara Cogan, a farmer at Zenger Farm.
____ Portland is a great place for farmers markets. “People in Portland really want to have a relationship with the food they eat,” said Anna Curtin, of Portland Farmers Market. Portland’s farmers markets are a great place to get together and shop and to meet friends.  Not all markets just sell fruits and vegetables, some sell stuff like clothes, hats, scarves, honey, meat, and more. Some markets sell food like pizza.
____ There are so many markets in Portland that it is hard to count. The PSU market is very big. The markets “bring a lot of money into the local economy ($8,000,000 in sales at Portland Farmers Market locations last year alone) and you’ll find a lot of restaurant professionals shopping at the market each week,” according to Anna Curtin. There is a market in almost all the parts of the city.
____ The best vendors sell the best stuff, like: food, coffee, scarves, hats, wine, beer, jewelry, honey, meat, ice cream, strawberries and lots more. So you need to see most of the markets – you will not regret it!          –Allyson


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