Transportation / Getting Around


Broadway Bridge

____ In Portland, OR, pretty much everyone loves to see a beautiful river, but can they do it when they drive? Yes, with our Portland bridges.
____ There are 12 different bridges that all go over the same river! That river is called the Willamette River and those bridges are called: The Sellwood Bridge, The St. Johns Bridge, The Fremont Bridge, The Steel Bridge, The Ross Island Bridge, The Hawthorne Bridge, the Broadway Bridge, The Morrison Bridge, The Marquam Bridge, The Burnside Bridge, and the one that’s not really finished yet. It’s temporary name is The Walking Bridge. but I think they can think of a better name.


Steel Bridge

____ Also, the bridges are free! “I like working with the public to take their ideas and use them to make our transportation projects better,” said Mike Pullen, Spokesperson for the Sellwood Bridge Project.
____ The MAX is also a very good way of getting around. It has 87 stops and is really fast and fun. It has about 130,000 riders a day! There are 625 buses, 127 MAX cars, and all of those things have 320,000 riders!
____ So that’s why you should come and use Portland’s transportation!              –Eamon


Fremont Bridge

More on the bridges: The Steel Bridge has something called a shaft, it is the thing that rises up. The Fremont Bridge does not rise at all. The Fremont is an arch bridge and it connects freeways. The Hawthorne Bridge is basically like the Steel. It is a rising bridge with a shaft.       –Liem


A MAX Train

The MAX: The MAX is a lightrail train that runs all through Portland and carries people all around the city. City Planner Marty Stockton says, “Portland has some of the best transit (MAX trains, buses and streetcars) for a city its size.” MAX stands for Metropolitan Area Express and the 4 lines are blue, green, red and yellow. To get on the MAX you wait at the stop, buy a ticket, and wait until the train comes. The MAX is an awesome way to get around.       –Owen


St. Johns Bridge

____ Portland’s bridges are really cool because they are big and look really cool. Here are some reasons why: There are twelve different bridges and none of them are alike. None of the bridges have a fee to go over. On almost all the bridges you can walk or bike. The bridges all go over the river but in different places.
____ Tom Mills, employee at Trimet, says “I love the fact that my job positively impacts peoples’ daily lives.” The bridges are all awesome and different. One of the oldest working vertical lift bridges in the USA (The Hawthorne Bridge) is in Portland. One bridge will be only for walking (the walking bridge), but it is still under construction.
____ About two months ago in January 2013 the Sellwood Bridge was moved 66 feet on one side and 30 feet on the other. Mike Pullen, an engineer for the Sellwood Bridge Project, says “I worked many extra hours that day and was very tired at the end of the day but it was exciting and interesting and went very well.”
____ If you ever come to Portland you should see the awesome bridges.              -Owen


The Hawthorne Bridge (Closed)


The Hawthorne Bridge (Open)

Portland’s Buses:  Portland’s buses are cool because they have cool hooks on the front of them so people can ride to the bus stop, wait for the bus, stick their bike on the hooks and get on the bus and go where they want. Portland’s buses are really cool.       -Owen