“Even our worst attendance nights at the Rose Garden
are better than the best nights in a lot of other NBA cities.”
Casey Holdahl, Portland Trailblazers

____ Portland is wonderful place to play sports and be active. Portland is such a great place to play sports because the weather is always nice. There are lots of gyms to exercise during the winter but it’s not that cold in the winter. Summers are warm and dry and people do stuff outside. “Since we don’t get a lot of dry weather and kids don’t get the chance to move and exercise, Portland makes for great indoor activities centers” said Traci from the Children’s Gym.
____ There are lots of sports to play like soccer, baseball, pinball, lacrosse, hockey, tennis and swimming. There are lots of places to play sports like gyms, parks and sports arenas.
____ Fans like the Trailblazers and the Hillsboro Hops. And sports are good for you because you get great exercise. “Moving and exercising is so important and staying active is really important,” said Traci from the Children’s Gym. Everyone should come visit Portland and see the sports games.       –Maya M.


Jeld-Wen Field: Jeld-Wen Field is the best place to see the… Portland Timbers! There’s a lot of restaurants around so if you’re early, get something to eat. They also have a summer camp that is five hours and once a week. We also have a really cool mascot. If any of the Timbers makes a goal Timber Joey, our mascot, will cut off a piece of a trunk of a tree and at the end of the game the person that made the goal gets it.       –Rade


____ In Portland, there are a lot of sports teams and they have a lot of fans. “Fans are passionate and loyal to their home teams in Portland,” said KL Wombacher of the Hillsboro Hops.
____ Here are some of the sports teams in Portland: the Trailblazers, the Timbers, the Winterhawks, the Hops, etc. The metropolitan area offers many spectator sports. Casey Holdahl, of the Trailblazers, said “Portland is a great place to work for a sports team because of the rabidity of the fans,” and because “people in Portland support their teams unlike any other city.”
____ You need to go to a sports game in Portland, it’s exciting, thrilling and awesome. Just find your seat!       –Caden