Parks & Outdoors

“People might complain about the rain,
but I think that’s part of what makes Portland so great.
It’s why we have so much greenery to look at year round.”
Anna Curtin, Portland Farmers Markets


____ Portland parks are the best place to play and hike because all the parks are different. “Forest park is the largest urban forest in the country,” says Forest Park ranger Bob McCoy. “Our city has over 350 parks and at least one really cool Park Ranger,” he said.
____ Out of all the parks in Portland you have to at least go to one.  Marty Stockton, a City Planner, says, “Portland has lovely parks (and the world’s smallest park), rivers, natural areas and is close to the mountains and coast.”
____ Some of the most famous parks are: Forest Park, Washington Park, Mill Ends Park and Mt Tabor, but there are many more parks. Mt Tabor is really just a hill. Mt Tabor is big and it has lots of trees. Mill Ends Park has one tree so it is clearly stated, Portland Parks are the best place to hike and play.       –Eli


International Rose Test Garden

International Rose Test Garden: The Rose Garden is beautiful! When they say roses you get roses! If you go I swear you will go again. The Rose Garden is a place with different kinds of roses from around the world.       –Sydney F.


Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island: Sauvie Island is a wonderful place. You can go fishing or pick berries! But not matter what you do there it is awesome. Sauvie Island is an island named after Laurent Sauve, a dairy farmer. Its original name was Wapato Island and it is the largest island in the Columbia River. Sauvie Island is mostly farms.       –Natalie


Forest Park in NW Portland

____ All of our parks are amazing. Our trees grow huge and green and there are lots of places to go hiking. Some are: Mt. Hood, the Springwater Corridor, Forest Park and much much more.
____ Parents prefer Portland parks because of their awesome play structures. “It’s such a wonderful big/small city” said Karen Ford, a Landscape Architect. She likes Portland because of “the clean air, the ease of moving about, the easy accessible, beautiful, wild outdoor areas.”
____ Our parks are the best ever! You should definitely go there when you visit. There are so many parks to go to and they all have one thing in common… they are all neon highlighter hot!         –Natalie

Sellwood Park: The neighborhood of Sellwood is a fun place to be, but it’s even more fun at Sellwood Park! There is a green baby swing and five structures, swings, slides, spinners, baby stuff and a big kid area.       –Natalie


Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens: Mt. St. Helens is a very active volcano that is in Washington! But you can see it from Portland. The big eruption was in 1980. People hike and ski on it too!       –Sydney F.


Multnomah Falls: Multnomah Falls is a wonderful place to go. It is a beautiful waterfall, that has many incredible hikes. You can hike to the top and look down! Everyone at the bottom looks like a tiny speck! So, if you are looking for a fun place to go, Multnomah Falls is a very smart choice!       –Maia C.


Mt Hood in summer

Mt Hood: Mt Hood is so close to Portland and it is open for camping and skiing. There are ski bowls and campgrounds and Mt Hood is a volcano but it’s not erupting.       –Eli