Music & Entertainment


Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

“There are inspiring musicians to collaborate with, there are great recording studios, and a young population that appreciates music and goes out to shows.”
-Laura Veirs, Musician

____ Portland is a great place for music and entertainment. Portland has many music shows everyday and everywhere. There are many places to play music like backyards, food markets, bars and also clubs too. You can play at more places also.
____ Portland has many music festivals. Portland also has many stages like Schnitzer Hall, the Alladin Theater and the Hollywood Theater. Musician Zeb Dewar said, “It’s an easy place to be based if you travel and play music. It’s easy to come and go and find jobs that will let you come and go.” Portland supports music and musicians. People built places for musicians like all the theaters, the Rose Garden and the Opera House.
____ Erik Carlson, a musician and owner of Sohitek Records said, “We have really large music venues, small and middle sized clubs, and people even throw concerts in their own house.” People like to play in places like restaurants, shops, yards and many more places.
____ People come from all over to hear Portland’s wonderful music. You should visit Portland’s concerts because you can have fun and meet new people.       –Ameya


The Aladdin Theater

____ Portland’s music and entertainment is the best! Portland has astonishing music and entertainment for all ages. The Alladin Theater for 18+ and NW Children’s Theater for kids.
____ Portland has remarkable entertainment places. Some of the ultra famous places are Portland Opera, the Symphony Orchestra, ballet, Youth Philharmonic, NW Children’s Theater, Tears of Joy and Broadway in Portland.
____ Portland has the most exquisite music because it’s for all ages. There’s different kinds and symphonies. NW Children’s Theater is one of the best entertainment places because it’s for family fun, kids love it and there’s lot of yummy snacks while you enjoy original fairy tales. Portland has a wonderfully vibrant music, arts and culinary culture as well as hard-to-beat natural landscapes within an hour’s drive,” said musician Laura Veirs.
____ “Portland’s a great place to be a musician because of its diversity of style,” said Erik Carlson, owner of Sohitek Record Label. “It’s great here,” said Zeb Dewar, a musician.
____ When you go to Portland for music and entertainment you can’t get enough because it’s the best.       –Emily