Local Attractions


Portland Waterfront

____ Portland is a great place to walk around. “There are lovely parks throughout the city,” said Marty Stockton, a City Planner. Portland is home to the smallest park in the world: Mill Ends Park.
___ There are a lot of other parks, like Forest Park, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Sellwood Park, Oaks Bottom and many more!
___ There are also a lot of fountains like Elk Fountain, Skidmore Fountain, Jamison Square, Salmon Street Springs, and many more!
___ “Portland has two rivers and many unique bridges,” said Marty Stockton. It’s true that Portland has many bridges. Here’s a few of them: St. Johns Bridge, Sellwood Bridge, Steel Bridge, and many more!
___ “There are many neighborhoods with unique history, character and different things to do,” said Marty Stockton. “Portland has a downtown that is beautiful and easy to travel to with the MAX, busses and streetcar,” said Stockton.
___ You should come to Portland because Portland has a lot of wonderful places to walk!         –Klara


___ Portland has so many attractions and things to do like soccer games and basketball games and fountains and parades that I’m running out of fingers to count on. “People should visit Portland to enjoy its great summer weather, its great affordable food and neat places such as the Eastbank Esplanade, the Japanese Garden and the view of Mt Hood and Mt Saint Helens from the Fremont Bridge. People who like street cars or food carts or giant independent bookstores or cities where Portlandia is filmed should definitely give Portland a try,” said Betsy Hammond, a Reporter for the Oregonian.
____ We also have a ton of bridges, like Fremont Bridge, Sellwood Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge and much more! Portland is “one of the most experimental cities in the United States” said April Baer, a Reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting. And we have a lot of parks like the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden and lots of community gardens. “I feel like we’ll try anything once,” said April Baer.
____ If I brought my friend to Portland I would first show them Powell’s and then Saturday Market and then Pioneer Courthouse Square and then I would bring them to Voodoo Donuts.       –Rade


Pioneer Courthouse

Pioneer Courthouse Square: Are you coming to Pioneer Courthouse Square? If not, I think you should put it in your plans! Pioneer Courthouse Square has 16 water spouts! At noon each day, the weather machine forecasts the weather with a spray of mist and trumpets. Then animals pops out of the weather predictor. The blue heron means a cloudy, overcast day. The dragon means a stormy day. The sun means a sunny day. I hope you come to Pioneer Courthouse Square! It’s a great place to be!       –Klara



Portlandia: This copper statue is the 2nd biggest in the U.S. (1st is the Statue of Liberty) and took three years to build. It was so big that the people that built it had to float it down the Willamette River to get it here. It’s on the roof of the Portland building. Some people think it should be on the ground but other people don’t.       -Owen


Saturday Market

The Saturday Market:  The Saturday Market is a market where you can buy food, clothes, jewelry, knick-knacks, art and drinks. The Saturday Market is under the Burnside Bridge on the waterfront. You should come visit the Saturday Market soon.       –Maya M.

Powell’s Books: Powell’s Book is an amazing bookstore that takes up two whole blocks! It has 11 giant rooms only on one side! It is so big it is called the city of books. It sells almost every kind of book you can think of from mathematics to Harry Potter. It has millions of trillions of zillions of books. It is so big you need a map! If you ever go to Portland you should go to Powell’s.       –Owen

BensonBubblerBenson Bubblers: Mr. Benson put these drinking fountains in so that during lunch his workers would not drink beer and get drunk.         –Eli


Skidmore Fountain

Skidmore Fountain: Skidmore Fountain is a beautiful fountain and on it it says… Good Citizens are the Riches of a City! It’s Portland’s oldest piece of public art. The fountain was made in 1888. Olin Warner designed it. Come and See!       –Sydney F. and Klara


Central Library


Inside the Library

Multnomah County Library: The library is one of the most exquisite places for kids. It has a variety of millions of fascinating books. It has remarkable genres including romance, sci-fi, fantasy and informational. If you’re a cheapskate, then, guess what? It’s free!       –Emily


Paul Bunyan in Kenton

The Paul Bunyan Statue: There are more than 1 Paul Bunyan statues in the country, but the most famous one is in Portland! It is 31 feet tall and made out of concrete and metal. It is in Kenton and was built in 1959!       –Sydney F.


Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion: Pittock Mansion was built in 1914. Today, it’s featured with 18th and 19th century antiques. I think Pittock Mansion is the most impressive mansion in Portland. It’s open to the public and on Christmas they hide stars inside the mansion.       –Ameya


Car Wash Fountain

The Car Wash Fountain: The Car Wash Fountain is across the street from Big Pink. It is called the Car Wash Fountain because when the wind blows it gets cars wet. It has a wind detector so that when it gets too windy it shuts off so the cars don’t get wet. It’s located on 5th and Ankeny.        –Eli and Jack


‘Big Pink’

‘Big Pink’: Big Pink was built in 1983. It’s real name is the US Bancorp Tower. It’s 42 stories high! It’s actually the 2nd tallest building in Portland, but it is the largest building in Oregon. It costs 60 million dollars.       –Ameya


Oaks Park: Oaks Park is an amusement park. It has lots of rides and it is very crowded in the summer time. It also has a roller skating place too. People like to ride there in the winter and fall.       –Grace

Jamison Square: I hope you have your swim suit along! You’ll want to take a swim and then go across the street and have some ice cream! This was designed to be an outdoor art gallery, but they had to keep the skateboarders out. So they made water run at different times. There were no planned times for the water to run, it could suddenly turn on. The skateboarders didn’t want to get wet so they stayed out! I hope you come to Jamison Square, but remember to come prepared!          –Klara