“Portland is laid back, friendly and filled with truly eccentric people and businesses.
Plus, the city is surrounded by farms, mountains and the ocean which means
we end up with a wealth of inexpensive restaurants with really great, fresh food.”
Kelly Clarke, Journalist


Portland Food Carts

____ You should try the food carts in Portland. The food carts in Portland are amazing because they have a lot of different types of food that is pretty affordable all over the city. “Portland is a perfect place to own a food cart,” said Colleen Schroht, the owner of Savor Soup House. “People love them here and love supporting small, local businesses so we’ll always have a place in Portland’s food scene,” said Colleen.
____ The food carts use a lot of food that was grown nearby. There is a lot of food grown nearby and there are a lot of farms around Portland and they grow a lot of food. People like local, organic food.
____ Portland is one of the best cities to eat in. They have good food and the food is local. The food carts are important, unique and interesting. “You can go on a guided tour of the food carts or search them on your own,” said Colleen. They have food from all over the world.
____ People should visit Portland because it is a beautiful city and it is filled with amazing food.       –Gabe


Son of Gabriel Foodcart

____ Portland is a good place to eat because there are so many restaurants and different kinds of food. You will be so full when you leave Portland!
____ Doris Rodriguez de Platt, the Founder and Owner of Andina Restaurant, said, “Portland has a variety of great restaurants among them restaurants that serve food from other countries, like ours that serves Peruvian food, and people love it!”
____ She also said that “there is a trend in many of the restaurants, which is to use more local, fresh and organic products that contribute to the better health of guests.”
____ There are many many restaurants. Did you know that there are also over 700 food carts all around Portland? And did you know that a group of food carts is called a pod? Food carts are just like little restaurants that are like trucks but are not. Then you order and eat around them.
____ Being a chef is hard word because you’re friends with the other chefs but you have to concentrate on cooking.
____ I think you should go out and eat because they serve food fresh from the oven with organic produce. Have fun in Portland!         –Cailin

The Blue Kangaroo: Hi! If you want to relax you should come to the Blue Kangaroo! It is on 13th Avenue! So, if you want to relax come to the Blue Kangaroo and I swear you will go again!      –Sydney F.


Voodoo Donuts

Voodoo Donuts: I think that VooDoo Donuts is great! The food there is good and the service there is great! Try to get the VooDoo Doll! Five Stars.       –Tye

The Old Spaghetti Factory: The Old Spaghetti Factory has amazing food! It has been around for years and it is very beautiful. It has stuff other than spaghetti, that is also really cool.       –Maia C.

Burgerville: I think that Burgerville is good and bad. The good news is that the food is good. The bad news is that it is sometimes dirty there. Three Stars.       –Tye

Saburo:  Saburo is an awesome sushi restaurant in Sellwood. They serve fresh fish and there are two rooms to eat sushi in. Guess what? You can bring multiple people there with you… it is worth the long wait to get inside.       –Natalie

Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen is a hit! The ice cream there is good. It is clean. It is great! Get the Blizzard of the Month! Five Stars.     –Tye

Killer Burger: Killer Burger is a good place to get a burger. The best time to go is killer hour. Killer hour is happy hour. All the burgers come with bacon.      –Allyson

Son of Gabriel Foodcart: I think it is good and bad. The good news is that the food tastes good and the bad news is that it is cold and old. I think I don’t like your food. Two Stars.       –Tye



The Banzerea: I think that the food is good, but the only problem is that it is expensive. Four Stars.       –Tye


Nectar: Nectar is a frozen yogurt place. There are 2 Nectars. They have lots of yogurt and you need to visit Nectar.       –Allyson
I think that it is a hit! The food is good and it is clean. Nectar is a hit! Five Stars.       –Tye

Tea Chai

Tea Chai Te: Tea Chai Te is a place to relax and drink a kind of tea from anywhere in the world. It is in a little red caboose that used to be a bookstore. They have soups and even tapioca and popping bobba in their drinks.       –Sophie