“Portland got the nickname Stumptown because of all the trees that were cut
down when it was initially developed. (Good thing we keep planting trees!)”
Jesse Batty, Friends of Trees


“We’re lucky to live in a place where we dedicate resources
to green infrastructure projects like planting trees, installing green roofs,
or turning chunks of asphalt streets into bioswales.”
Ian Bonham, Friends of Trees

____ Portland is the greenest city around! When you visit you should spend time outside. The environment is green because, well, just take a walk, look around, you’ll be astonished at how many trees we have.
____ People have so many plants in Portland. People have so many flowers and plants and gardens. Portland has lots of garden shops and it has a long growing season. “The system of parks and green spaces is very impressive,” said Jennifer Thompson, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Employee.
____ Portland has lots of forests and parks. Portland has 47 community gardens. Portland has at least 4 huge parks. Jennifer Thompson also says, “There’s an ever expanding system of parks and greenspaces and trails that offer places to explore throughout the region.”
____ Portland has so many hiking trails. Portland has at least 29 hiking spots. The hiking trails are beautiful. Forest Park has lots of these trails. Matt Stinson, of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, says Forest Park is “a nice place to walk your dog.”
____ Portland has so many trees. At parks and schools there are trees. On sidewalk strips there are usually trees. Ian Bonham, Friends of Trees employee, says “We’re one of the few urban environments in the U.S. with a growing tree canopy. This means we’re growing more trees than we’re taking down.”
____ You should visit Portland because people in our community care so much about the environment. They have park clean up days, people bike instead of driving. Unlike most cities, Portland composts. Portland is the greenest city around!       –Jack


Forest Park

“There are lots of people here who like fish. Almost everyone I have met is interested in the salmon and want to hear about how they are doing. This allows me to educate people about salmon in our rivers, and how important it is to have good clean water for the fish.”
Matt Stinson, U.S. Fish & Wildlife


Mt. St. Helens

”The citizens of Portland value very highly clean air, clean rivers, and a high quality of life
with livable communities which makes environmental work really great in portland”
Jesse Batty, Friends of Trees

____ Portland is the greenest city around. Portland is really green because so many people like plants. Forest Park is “the largest forested natural area within a U.S. city,” said Ian Bonham, from Friends of Trees. Lots of people plant trees to keep the environment and air clean. “Portland is a model for sustainable practice nationally and globally,” said Ian Bonham. Every year people plant trees.
____ There are 47 community gardens in Portland. People grow vegetables in the community gardens. “There are a lot of people in Portland who value good food and who value farms that take care of the soil and water and air,” said Sara Cogan, a farmer at Zenger Farm. “One of the great things about farming in Portland is that people who live in Portland love to eat good food. They like to know where their food comes from and even to know the farmers who grow the foods that they eat,” said Sara Cogan.        –Liem