City Overview

“People are friendly, the city is clean, the mountains/rivers/trees are beautiful,
and there are lots of fun things for people of all ages to enjoy.”
Amanda Fritz, City Commissioner

Come to Portland. Portland is very awesome. There is very clean water and the population is about 2 million. Portland has one of the largest forested areas, the smallest park, the largest independent bookstore and 28 coffee shops for every 100,000 people. Portland is the City of Roses. Portland gets 128,618 minutes of sunshine a year. There is a hotel in Portland that Elvis once stayed in. Portland is the best biking city. Portland is known as the City of Trees. Some people call Portland the Bridge City. Some people call it Stumptown. To learn more about Portland, keep reading…          -Nate


Portland’s Neighborhoods

Portland is the best city in the universe! Because it is awesome! If we didn’t have Portland, then where would all the weirdos live? We have unique things, like benson bubblers, OMSI, Powell’s Books and “downtown city blocks here are smaller (200 feet long), and we have more food carts, breweries, and citizen involvement than other cities,” according to Mike Pullen, of Multnomah County.
____ Sue Thomas, of Portland Parks & Recreation, said that Portland has large natural areas inside the city, lots of ways to get around by bicycle, beautiful views of Mt Hood, bridges across the Willamette, and friendly, helpful people.
____ There are so many things to do, see and buy. Saturday market, farmers markets, museums, theaters, parks and much, much more! In this guidebook, you will find lots of cool things.
____ Once you come to Portland you won’t want to go back! Sam Adams, the former Mayor of Portland, said “Portland is one of the most sustainable cities in the world that offers a good quality of life for many people.” So just come to Portland!           –Kain


Portlandia Statue

Geography: Portland is in NW Oregon in between the mountains and the beach. At most it is a 4 hour drive to the mountains and beach. There are 3 mountains visible: Mt. Tabor in Portland and Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens also. Portland is where the Willamette and the Columbia Rivers meet.           –Jack

Climate: The climate is usually cold and soggy and grey. In summer, it’s bright and sunny.       –Rade

History: Long ago, before Portland was discovered, there lived two men named Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove. This is the tale of these particular men. As these men were traveling on horse-powered carriages, they both happened to come across a beautiful clearing, right besides the Willamette River. “What a charming piece of land!” said Mr. Pettygrove. “I’d have to agree” said Mr. Lovejoy. They both asked, “Who are you?” And then they introduced themselves.
_____ “What should we name such an amazing piece of land? I think Boston would be a fine name, after my hometown Boston Massachusetts!” said Mr. Lovejoy. “I think Portland would be a marvelous name, after my hometown, Portland Maine!” said Mr. Pettygrove. “I think we should flip a coin!” said Mr. Lovejoy. So they flipped a coin! The first flip went to Mr. Lovejoy. The last two went to Mr. Pettygrove! Portland it is!          –Maia C.

“I like how almost every neighborhood in Portland has its own unique personality.
You can feel a sense of pride in almost any neighborhood you visit in Portland.
I don’t think you get that feeling very often in other cities.”
Steven Donovan, Habitat for Humanity