Charities / Non-Profits

“Portlanders are known for being great volunteers!”
-Marty Stockton, City Planner


____ Portland is an awesome place for charities! “In 2011 Portland was rated #2 among cities of its size for the number of volunteers it engages” every year, said Melia Tichenor, the Eastside Program Manager for Hands On Greater Portland. It has a lot of great non-profits. It is a good place to have charities and go to places like the Oregon Zoo and the Humane Society, where they help animals survive. The Oregon Zoo helps animals live free, be happy, and not get hurt like they would in the wild.
____ “Portland is a hodgepodge of some of the most wonderful things I’ve come across in my life,” said Rena Satre Meloy, of the Community Warehouse. An example of an awesome non-profit is The Oregon Food Bank – they donate food. There are thousands and thousands of charities, that donate thousand, and thousands of pounds of food, and thousands and thousands of dollars to people, and places, in need.
___ There are also lots of charities that raise money for schools, that help kids learn, grow, and be who they are. It is a great place to raise money – there are so many places to help! “There are so many non-profit organizations doing great work in the city and a lot of community members looking to make their community better,” said Melia Tichenor. A lot of non-profit places need help – that’s why we are here! So we should help these places be what they are, and shine, shine, shine!       -Maia C.


Oregon Humane Society

____The Humane Society: You should visit the Oregon Humane Society because you can adopt great animals and there are lots of parks to play with your dog in Portland. Sue Tortolani, who works at the Humane Society, said, “We can house 450 animals in the shelter at any given time. We also have 258 foster homes for any animals who aren’t ready to stay at the shelter.” They have healthy and friendly animals.
____ Sue Tortolani said, “Our shelter is made up mostly of cats and dogs but we also have birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice.” The
 animals come with a free check-up and flu-shot. Sue Tortolani also said, “We have about 75 people who work at the shelter itself. In the hospital where I work we have 7 veterinarians, 3 certified veterinary technicians (nurses) and 6 veterinary assistants. There are about 1500 volunteers who help as well.” I think that the Portland Humane Society is a great place. Sue Tortolani also said, “I think that the community in Portland cares about those who can’t care for themselves… people care so much about homeless and injured animals that we can adopt out 11,000 animals a year without worrying about how we are going to pay for it.”       -Sydney C.