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Nike Store

“The people [in Portland] are wonderful to work with because everyone is willing to pitch in and help.”
Katrina Scotto di Carlo, Supportland

“There’s support for the kind of tiny, beautiful projects that would never even get started anywhere else. When you live in a town like that, it’s not surprising you’ve got everything from backyard farmers and food cart pods to festivals devoted to making pickles, two week long art celebrations and as many kinds of live music as there are flowers in the Rose Garden.
Kelly Clarke, Journalist

____ You should visit Portland because it is the best place for businesses. Peter Blanchard, Owner of Manifest Photography, said “Since my business is a little different than any other business out there I’ve had to make some things up as I go.”
____ Portland has lots of big businesses like Nike, Adidas and Reebok. And it has lots of small businesses like the hardware store, markets and the shops at Saturday Market.
____ DoveLewis is an Animal Hospital. MeiMei Walker, a veterinarian said “Most veterinarians work in veterinary hospitals, but a few work in zoos or laboratories, veterinary schools or on farms.
____ Stewart Golomb, owner of MoonBrine Pickles said “Portland is different than any other city in the USA.” Elizabeth Rusch is a children’s book author. She said “Portland is a great city with lots of culture and access to the beautiful outdoors.”
So when you visit Portland make sure to visit all these places.      –Grace

Laika: Laika is a company that does stop motion animation with clay, wood, metal and plastic. They make movies and commercials like California Raisins, Coraline and other things like that. They are an awesome business.     –Owen

Collage: Collage is a craft store but way better. They have stuff for gnomes, people, crafters, painters, artists, pupils at school and anyone else! They have very nice people there and they help a lot.       –Natalie

Tea Chai

Tea Chai Te

____ You should visit Portland because it has everything. “Portland seems to be one of the creative hubs of the universe. There are so many people here doing unique and amazing things it’s unbelievable,” said Peter Blanchard, owner of Manifest Photography. It has many businesses and many options for work. “People have felt strongly about supporting small local business,” said Rebecca Pearcy, owner of Queen Bee Creations.
____ It has a lot of fun parks like Forest Park and West Moreland Park. “Portland is as close to a thriving community as any place I’ve ever known,” said Katrina Scotto di Carlo, Co-Founder of Supportland. I hope you come to Portland, it is a good place for jobs.       –Sebastian

Stars: Stars is an antique shop. People buy and sell their old things. They are in Sellwood.       –Eli

Wallace Books: Wallace Books is a bookstore that is built into an old yellow house but it is also built into a garage beside the house. Every room is stuffed with books from Calvin and Hobbes to Harry Potter.  It is a really cool bookstore.       –Owen



GameStop: Gamestop is the best place in Portland Oregon to buy the best games! It has the perfect games for the Wii, X-box, X-box 360, Playstations 2 and 3, and much more. So come to Gamestop because it’s awesome.       –Eamon