Peer Editing and Publishing

5/7/13: For the past few days, and for the rest of this week, we are peer editing our guidebook articles, completing final revisions and then ‘publishing’ article final drafts. This blog will undergo a major change next week when we post the actual guidebook on this main page, and all the previous blog posts are stored in the Making Of… section. Here are some photos of students editing, peer editing and publishing:









On Friday, our art project was self-portraits. These portraits will be published under the About the Authors section of our guidebook:



Many students have published their final drafts at this point, and have moved on to writing more short ‘blurbs’ for the guidebook:


Today, we signed out the mobile lab and practiced our typing skills for a bit:



I can’t help but post this final picture of Eli, who arrived at school with an enormous beard:


Guidebook Choice Time

5/2/13: Today we discussed the ‘blurbs’ you can find throughout guidebooks: brief descriptions focused on specific sculptures, fountains, parks, shops, restaurants, cafés, streets, neighborhoods or events. Together, we close read a blurb from a Portland guidebook about Pioneer Courthouse Square, where we ate lunch on Monday’s field trip:


And then students had an hour to work on their guidebook articles:


Some were revising their rough drafts and moving on to smooth drafts:


Others were peer editing and publishing their final drafts:


And a few even submitted their articles to be typed and printed:


When students finish their main guidebook article, they are welcome to write blurbs. Students started claiming topics for blurbs today:


And a few moved on to adding artwork to their blurbs, like this image of the Portlandia statue:


Writing Workshop

5/1/13: For reasons unknown, several students arrived at school in costume today. Eli and Kain came as ‘hippies’:



And Owen came as an ‘engineer’:


We discussed our guidebook writing process, as several students have completed their rough drafts early, many are working on their smooth drafts, and a few are ready to peer edit. We agreed upon a new editing checklist, particular to this style of writing:


Most students spent the afternoon working on their articles for the guidebook:


And some were even able to peer edit their articles!


Our Mayor, Kain, and our City Commissioner, Nate, went to City Hall after school yesterday and met with City Commissioner Amanda Fritz for an in-person interview. Here they are outside City Hall:

photo (4)

At the end of the day, they read their interview transcript to us and told us all about their visit:


Field Trip Work

4/30/13: After our field trip, students wrote short reflections on one local attraction we visited that day, like Portlandia, Pioneer Courthouse, the Square, or the public art we saw along the Transit Mall. Many of these will become ‘blurbs’ in our guidebook.



We culled the digital photographs we took while walking, and everyone saved only their 10 best photos for the guidebook:



We also spent some time going through the quotes from our interviews:


Students hung any quotes that they weren’t using, but that others might want to use, on our new quote wall:



And finally, we discussed the timeline of the project. Rough drafts will be done before the end of this week, and next week we’ll be deep into the writing process: revising our rough drafts into smooth drafts, then peer editing, and finally, publishing:


Walking Field Trip Downtown

4/29/13: We spent almost the entire day exploring downtown. In the fall, we went on a walking field trip to the NW area of downtown where we spent time along the waterfront and in Chinatown. Today we focused on the SW area of downtown and explored the transit malls, ‘big pink,’ Portlandia, Pioneer Courthouse and the Square.

Each pair of students brought along a digital camera that we checked out of the library. In the morning, we discussed how to use the cameras:



Then we took a Trimet bus to downtown and went walking. All the photographs that the students took will be reviewed and uploaded tomorrow, and many will be included in our final guidebook. Here are some photos from our trip:


Enjoying water from a Benson Bubbler.





The Transit Mall

DSCN0919 DSCN0922 DSCN0925  DSCN0930

The Echo Chamber at Pioneer Courthouse Square


Pioneer Courthouse


Class Photo at the Square


The Square from the cupola on top of the Courthouse


Choice Time Video

4/26/13: Once or twice a week, we have thirty minutes of Choice Time. Students can use this time to catch up on their work, create graphic sources for our guidebook, add to our Portland wall map, read a book about Portland or cities, work on their articles or on other short stories. Our reporter Rade and his cameraman Caden wanted to do a third segment of the Portland Project News (here are Segment One and Segment Two of the News), but decided instead to create a Behind-the-Scenes video about Choice Time.

In their video, they show you what Choice Time looks like, they interview a few students about what they’re doing, and provide a tour of our classroom and some of the projects we are working on: