Arts & Culture

“Portland is great because of its size.
It’s a “small” big city, and if you get to know certain communities, especially in arts
or music, you’ll find that everyone knows or has worked with everybody else.
There is an abundance of creativity in this city, with a sharp focus
on an unconventional, passionate,  ‘do-it-yourself’ ethic.”
Portia Tolentino, a mold maker at Laika

____ Portland is a great place to be an artist and to see art. Portland has great sights to paint, draw, sculpt, etc. Emily Nachison, a local artist, said “Portland is a city full of creative people. It has many wonderful art communities who are very supportive of one another.”
____ Portland has marvelous landscapes like Portland’s waterfront, the Willamette river, downtown Portland, the International Rose Garden, and many more magnificent places. Emily Nachison said “Portland is also a great mix of outdoor and city life. A lot of my work is based on nature so I find a lot of inspiration here.”
____ Portland is famous for its wildlife and nature. Lisa Martel from the Blue Sky Gallery said she loves nature and thinks its a reason people should visit Portland. Ilan Schraer, a local artist, said “Portland is really supportive of its art community so that means that there’s a lot to see here.”
____ Portland has many museums and galleries. Portland has galleries of all kinds. Examples are Blue Sky Gallery and Portland Art Museum. The Portland Art Museum has great art, such as Indian Tribal art and what those people used to use. Portland Art Museum is a great place to learn about art history. Ilan Schraer, a local artist, said “People should visit Portland’s galleries and art museums so they can see all the interesting and unique art people are making here.”
____ Portland is art! All around us we have beautiful bridges, signs, sculptures and murals. Lots of coffee shops have art. Now you know about Portland’s beautiful art!       –Sophie

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“Portland has a talented and vibrant community of creative thinkers.
This manifests in our beautiful and unique landscape, retail stores, restaurants, cultural venues, and more.
In addition, the city is surrounded by so many natural wonders
that it’s impossible to ever get bored here.”
Tricia Hoffman, Newspace Center for Photography


Wacky Museums: Portland has some wacky museums such as the hat museum. The hat museum has so many amazing hats, feathered ones, colored ones, ones with bows, etc. The museum is located inside the historic Ladd-Reingold house. There is also a Bathtub Art Museum. The Bathtub Art collection consists of postcards dating 1900 to the current year. There’s also the Vacuum Museum. The Vacuum Museum has old and new vacuums. People should visit Portland’s wacky museums to study and learn.      –Sophie

“Portland is known for being creative with a lot of art
within the downtown, neighborhoods and streets.”
Marty Stockton, City Planner



____ OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) is the best museum around. OMSI has really great exhibits. You should go to OMSI all the time.
____ Crosby Bromley, the Science Educator at OMSI, said “You can learn so much from museums and they offer a great view of what people have done and been in the past or what we are working towards for our future.” You have fun at OMSI but learn at the same time.
____ Crosby Bromley also said “Portland museums offer a great variety and mix – traditional and non-traditional.”
____ Don’t miss the Mythbusters exhibit. There’s a submarine at OMSI. The submarine is the Navy’s and it’s named the USS Blueback.
____ You’ll want to go to OMSI over and over.          –Logan