About the Authors

We started writing these paragraphs, and interviewed people, then took our writing through revising, peer editing, then even publishing!
We worked very hard on them, so we hope they help you find your way around and help you enjoy Portland just a bit more.
Portland is the best city we’ve been to!
Maia C.

Nate Tye Sydney F Sydney C
Nate                         Tye                          Sydney F                Sydney C
Sebastian Sophie Rade Owen
Sebastian               Maya M                   Rade                       Owen
Natalie Maya M Maia C Logan
Natalie                    Sophie                   Maia C                  Logan
Liem Klara Jack Kain
Liem                        Klara                       Jack                       Kain
Grace Gabe Emily Eamon
Grace                      Gabe                      Emily                       Eamon
Cailin Caden Ameya Allyson
Cailin                      Caden                     Ameya                    Allyson
Eli Tom
Eli                             Tom

Thank you for reading our guidebook and a huge thank you to all the people that answered our interview questions and to the parents that helped with the art projects!

Interviewees: Sam Adams (City Club of Portland), Earl Blumenauer (Congressman), Amanda Fritz (City Commissioner), Tom Mills (Trimet), Mike Pullen (Multnomah County), Betsy Hammond (The Oregonian), April Baer (OPB), Marty Stockton (Bureau of Planning and Sustainability), Tricia Hoffman (Newspace Center for Photography), Emily Nachison (Artist), Ilan Schraer (Artist), Lisa Martel (Blue Sky Gallery), Julian Dolan (Portland Art Museum), Crosby Bromley (OMSI), Bob McCoy (Portland Parks & Recreation), Sue Thomas (Portland Parks & Recreation), Karen Ford (Landscape Architect), Doris Rodriguez de Platt (Andina Restaurant), Colleen Schroht (Savor Soup House), Kelly Clarke (Journalist), Casey Holdahl (The Trailblazers), Traci Vogel (The Children’s Gym), K.L. Wombacher (The Hillsboro Hops), Zeb Dewar (Musician), Laura Veirs (Musician), Erik Carlson (Sohitek Records), Sara Cogan (Zenger Farm), Anna Curtin (Portland Farmers Market), Robert Litt (Urban Farm Store), Lisa Erenyi (Dekum Street Doorway), Sue Tortolani (Oregon Humane Society), Steven Donovan (Habitat for Humanity), Rena Malow (Community Warehouse), Melia Tichenor (HandsOn Greater Portland), Ian Bonham (Friends of Trees), Jesse Batty (Friends of Trees), Matt Stinson (U.S. Fish & Wildlife), Jennifer Thompson (U.S. Fish & Wildlife), Mei Mei Walker (Dove Lewis), Portia Tolentino (LAIKA), Stew Golomb (Moonbrine Pickles), Katrina Scotto di Carlo (Supportland), Jasin Nazim (Adidas), Rebecca Pearcy (Queen Bee Creations), Zanita Zody (Rhapsody Boutique), Peter Blanchard (Manifest Photography), Elizabeth Rusch (Author)

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