Guidebook Mind Maps

4/9/13: Today we continued our ongoing discussion of author’s purpose. We also began investigating guidebooks, their purpose and typical structure.


We received over 20 Portland guidebooks in a custom book bucket from Multnomah County Library’s School Corps program. Students spent time perusing guidebooks, looking for the text features we learned about during our non-fiction unit, such as tables of content, indexes and captions…


We decided the authors of guidebooks are informative, persuasive and entertaining all at the same time! They provide readers with information about a location, persuade them to visit that place, and entertain readers in order to hold their attention.

Students studied one guidebook in depth with their partner and began creating a graphic organizer called a mind map. This will help us understand and organize the guidebook we create.

DSCN0662 DSCN0664 DSCN0660 DSCN0659 DSCN0669